Rain : Rain : Rain

photo 3

I have nothing very exciting to post about today – just the day-to-day’s of a wet weekend at home as I look on with envy of sunny photos being uploaded to Instagram and Facebook by friends and family holidaying in Magnetic Island and Europe!!

James has been grouchy with another cold and as a result isn’t sleeping as well.  Nick was away on the boat and so I enjoyed playing Uno with Poppy, a wet walk on the beach with Maisy and spending time at home.

We are in the process of remodeling our pantry as we are getting a dishwasher (oh my) and so a trip to Bunnings to research melamine shelving was about the highlight of the weekend.  At least the children’s trolley kept Poppy entertained whilst in store.


Maisy - Longpoint Beach

Longpoint Beach


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