Chinese Puzzle


My friend Annabelle and I went to the State Cinema on Tuesday night to see Chinese Puzzle.  I have always loved The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls and this third movie didn’t disappoint.  It was one of those movies that I was totally ‘in the moment’ with and didn’t want to end.

Go along and see it – lighthearted entertainment to take one’s mind off any sleepless baby!

Review by David Stratton

CHINESE PUZZLE is the third part of a trilogy following on from THE SPANISH APARTMENT and RUSSIAN DOLLS. Xavier, Romain Duris, a writer, has followed his English ex-wife, Wendy, KELLY REILLY, to New York after she left him, taking their two children, to live with her wealthy lover, PETER HERMANN. Xavier stays for a while with his lesbian friend Isabelle, CECILE DE FRANCE, and her lover Ju, SANDRINE HOLT, until the latter helps him find an old apartment in Chinatown. Because he needs American residency, Xavier enters into an arranged marriage with a Chinese girl, LI JUN LI, and he also receives the occasional visit from his former lover Martine, AUDREY TAUTOU.

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