9 Months

James - 9 Months oldOur little boy is now 9 months old and is quite the terror.  Well … no he is just ‘Mr Explorer’ at the moment.

Long gone are the days where he would just lay on his mat and be happy to ogle at the reflections on the ceiling.  ‘Big Bob’ is now off exploring the house including all of the out-of-bounds places like the fireplace, the kitchen pantry and the stairs.  He is also pulling up on anything and everything resulting in quite a few tumbles and bruises to his head!

I found him yesterday ‘in’ the fireplace eating coal, with blackened hands and face.  Our little coal miner has two bottom teeth with more on the way.  Oh my, how quickly time flies.

James - 9 Months old

James - 9 Months old


Here is Poppy at the same age:

Poppy - 9 Months Old

Poppy - 9 Months old

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