Sneaky Peek : Grumpy Mummy

Little MonkeysHmmmmpph – now I know why you should be having children in your 20’s, not your 40’s!  These little monkeys are making me grumpy!

I guess that’s what happens when you have numerous nights without much sleep.  James’ bottom teeth still haven’t made an appearance yet but ‘appear’ to be giving him lots of pain which equals lots of crying which equals grumpy Mummy.


On another note – I am thankful that Nick returned home safely from his skiing holiday last Friday.  Poppy was beside herself with excitement at the airport, and couldn’t wait to give her Daddy a big ‘snowy cuddle’.  She was very excited about the Moose he gave her, plus her Jackson Hole lip balm and survival kit!  I was pretty happy with my Chanel No 5 too.

Lip Balm



Nick couldn’t believe the difference he saw in James with two weeks absence.  James is more like a little boy as he is now on the move and is rolling all over the floor.  He is also self-feeding on toast, carrots, asparagus and potatoes and makes a hell of a mess but loves it!  Poppy has even taken on the big sister role and requests to feed him (whilst making the obligatory airplane noise).

James & Poppy


On Monday of the long weekend we had a day trip to Bruny Island on the boat.  Poppy had another super day playing with crabs, making sand castles and idolising her big friends.  James on the other hand refused to have his day time sleep and drove his Mum crazy!  Nothing a little Chanel No 5 won’t fix.  X


Bruny Island

Bruny Island

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