No Vacancy


Poppy, James and I said goodbye to Greg & Jackie at the airport on Saturday morning after an amazing week together and returned home to re-group, do the washing, the shopping and have some quiet time.

No sooner had I changed the sheets on the spare bed, my sister Rob and her husband Paul arrived on Saturday afternoon from Castlemaine for the weekend.  I should pop a sign out the front – No Vacancy!

Poppy was very excited to have more visitors staying, with endless games of hide & seek, jigsaws and dancing to the Wonky Donkey.  I love having my family around me, but I’m really missing my man now.  Nick flies home from Jackson Hole on Thursday and then there’s definitely No Vacancy!  Xxx

Poppy shopping

James, Paul & Cath

Paul, Rob & Cath

Paul & Poppy

Where's Poppy - Hide & Seek

James with asparagus

Rice Paper Rolls


James & Rob at Smolt

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