Sneaky Peek : Sunny Sarah

The perfect temperature

It is the perfect temperature in Hobart right at this moment in time!  I LOVE it – none of this crazy 38ºC like last Friday.  To top off this stellar weather, my oldest school friend – Sarah came to stay with us last night!

I absolutely love being in the company of old friends that you have shared a lot of history with – it’s almost like slipping on an old comfy jumper.  There is so much familiarity you finish each others’ sentences, you start conversations with: “Remember when we …” and you can be brutally honest with one another.

I have very fond memories of our friendship when we met in 1987 at Launceston College.  Big hair, multiple converse socks worn with masseur sandals and over-sized Balance jumpers were the cutting edge fashion of the day (oh really)?  We would cruise to the east coast of Tasmania in my orange Volkswagen beetle, dropping in at her family farm on the way to raid the pantry and spend hours on isolated beaches with the whitest of sand.  U2’s Rattle & Hum would be played relentlessly on the ‘tape deck’, followed by Guns & Roses and a bit of Spy V’s Spy!

Luckily we have moved on from there, but our friendship has stayed the same.  We don’t need to speak often but when we do catch up, it’s just like wearing that comfy old jumper again … it just feels right!

Sarah & James

James & Sarah

James and his Mummy

James and his Mummy

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