Rockly Rolly


Mum, it’s rockly rolly!

With this statement, Poppy summed up our recent boating trip perfectly!  She couldn’t quite say “rocky” without the ‘l’.

It was our first trip away as a family of four on our little Tagus and we had a fab time but did strike some very windy weather over the four days, hence the ‘rocky rolly’!  We bunkered down in the safety of sheltered coves on Bruny Island and had a very relaxing time with our friends.

I ended up ‘jumping ship’ with Poppy, James and Maisy due to the conditions and John, my father-in-law picked us up from North Bruny Island on Saturday afternoon.

Both James and Poppy slept well in their new bunks on board, which was a relief!

Poppy & Nick at The Gentlemans - Bruny Island

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