Four Months Old


Our little man is now 4 months old!  It is quite surreal thinking about this milestone as it feels as though it has gone in a flash, yet an eternity since his birth.  I can’t imagine our life without him … and his cute smile.

My Mum made this bib for him!



The big fella has now outgrown his bassinet that has been his home for the past four months and last night graduated to Poppy’s old cot.  We had a successful night’s sleep which was a relief!

Too big


Big Bed


Poppy is still very unwell with her virus and all she has done for the past four days is lay on the couch.  Thank goodness for ABC4Kids and Panadol to get us through.  It makes you feel so helpless when they are sick. Xx

Poor Poppet

Poor Poppet

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