Sneaky Peek : Reflection


With our family now complete, I have been sorting through all the ‘pink’ baby clothes to pass on to treasured friends.  As I folded the many clothes ranging in various pink tones, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic – remembering when Poppy wore each item.  Nothing stays the same and life is continually evolving, but I am very glad I have all the memories of her as a baby, and now watching James sprout each day we are very fortunate to be experiencing it again.

As James has now reached the grand milestone of three months, I am reflecting on just how quickly our time with him has gone.  I LOVE weenie babies, their smell, their soft skin, their tiny hands and their innocence. Each day I am seeing notable changes in James – we are even getting smiles and giggles and our weenie little baby is no longer.  He has graduated from ‘Newborn’ nappies to ‘Infant’ and is even chilling out on the couch!


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