Cuddling Cousins



We had a very social weekend indeed with my sister and her family visiting us from Bracknell. Poppy and James received lots of cuddles from their cousins, and Poppy loved playing with the ‘big girls’.

We went out to dinner to Fish Frenzy on Saturday night with them (gotta love meeting at a restaurant at 5.30 pm.  At least you are home by 8.00 pm in time to watch Father Brown!!)

On Sunday we all went out on the boat for French Toast.  The girls were on the lookout for pirates and even had a turn at being ‘captain’, under Nick’s guidance.

We also had a visit from my oldest friend Prue and her family.  To top the weekend off, my friend Tim dropped by to share his recent experiences of cycle-touring through the Swiss Alps.  Ho hum. Xx

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