Noun:  A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
My first week at home with James and Poppy has at times been quite manic, but I guess that was to be expected.  Poppy has been very good with James, taking her ‘big sister’ status very seriously.  However, she has displayed some challenging and testing behaviour but I guess/hope that will subside.  Nothing that a pink tutu won’t fix:
I am still not driving due to my surgery, so I do have a slight bout of ‘cabin fever’ having been home all week.  I have had visitors and Mr. Woolworths dropped our groceries around which was a bonus.
On-line shopping delivered!
James has also been very spoilt with numerous flowers and gifts arriving in the mailbox.  An ex-student of mine – Teresa, knitted this little gem for him! Too cute:
Super cute handmade gift
James continues to feed and sleep well.  He is having a weigh-in on Monday from the visiting Child Health Care Nurse.  Dolly is still giving him a run for his money though:
James & Dolly
James' first bath at home
Chillin with Dad
Pom Poms - Melissa, James & Luka

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