What’s In A Name?


Here’s a very pensive looking Poppy this morning with her Pom Pom regalia!

For the past several months I have been reflecting on her name and the many thousands of choices for our new baby.

When I was pregnant with Poppy we had several names on our short list for both genders but when she was born Nick said:  “She looks like a Poppy!“. That name wasn’t on our list and after 24 hours of consideration – Poppy was perfect for her.  I still LOVE the name and it suits her down to the ground.


However, with 6 weeks until we have our next baby, I am starting to feel the pressure as Nick and I haven’t even got a short-list this time.  We are hopeless at agreeing on names and I randomly throw suggestions out there, with very few making ‘the list’!  I love many names but don’t really love their derivatives and then there are the names that we like but family or close friends have snaffled them!!

Mmmm … maybe we will just use the same strategy and wait to meet our little boy or girl and make a decision then.  I best remember to pack the Baby Names book again!


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