Sneaky Peek : 9 – 5

This is a pretty boring photo to share with you, but this has been my desk for many years and today is my last day before I finish up for a year’s Maternity Leave.

I have mixed feelings about signing off this afternoon – I am physically ready to finish work as I have been finding it to be quite demanding in the later stages of my pregnancy.  I will however, really miss my amazing colleagues and students.  I will also miss actually going to work and feeling like I am contributing in other ways than being a full-time Mum.

When I had my Maternity Leave with Poppy, I didn’t appreciate just how many people come across your path in your normal work day until I didn’t have that exposure anymore.

I have really loved my job for the past ten years and am ready for the new addition of our family –  sometimes I just find being a full-time Mum a little isolating.  I’m sure I will man-up!

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