Sneaky Peek : Another Soul


As I lie in bed each night and feel the little kicks from within, I reflect on the impending journey of becoming a mother for the second time.

Before having Poppy, I was actually quite terrified about becoming a Mum. I was never really that ‘maternal’ with other children, even though I always wanted a family of my own.  I was terrified about the lack of sleep, the change of lifestyle and whether I would actually like being a Mum or not. Such an unknown.

Having Poppy when I was 40 made me realise I had 22 years of ‘adult’ life to become quite used to travelling, working, going out and being quite ‘self-indulgent’ I guess.  But after experiencing the miracle of birth and the unconditional love that sweeps over you straight away, I knew I would be OK.  And I have been.

I have LOVED being a ‘Mummy’ and the journey keeps getting better each day.  When I look at Poppy and see her beautiful face that is reminiscent of the man I love, my heart melts.

I had my 20 week scan yesterday and these images gave me a sneaky peek into yet, another soul.  xx


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