Sneaky Peek : No 2

I have a little baby growing in my belly!  So, Nick and I are expecting another little bubba on the 10th of August this year, which is very exciting.

I have been really well during the first 4 months of pregnancy, but just ridiculously tired.  I go about my daily tasks and think: “Man I am feeling sleepy, oh that’s right, I’m pregnant”.  When I am at home with Poppy I have an afternoon sleep when she has hers.  I do love my ‘Nanna naps’!

Poppy loves patting my tummy and saying “BABY“!  She is obsessed with all things ‘baby’ at the moment:  baby shells, baby giraffe, baby, baby, baby.  We shall see how long that lasts in August!

On another note, I went to see Julia Stone perform last night at St. David’s Cathedral as part of her Heavenly Sounds Tour with my good friend Depha. It was superb!


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