Escape on Tagus

Tagus at Little Fancy BayWe have spent the weekend away on the boat, trying to find some respite from the heat and coming to terms with the devastating fires that have gripped South-Eastern Tasmania.

Friday was an incredibly eerie day, with temperatures soaring to 41.3 c with a howling wind.  Even though we had planned to head down the Channel on the boat, all I really wanted to do was to stay at home with the blinds closed.

We did leave and found a beautiful place to have a swim and cool down. Poppy loved swimming with her Dad, but man-oh-man it was HOT.  I am not very good in the heat!

We stayed in The Gentleman’s – Bruny Island that night and thankfully the weather did cool down in the evening.  Poppy slept all night too which was a relief, as she hasn’t been away on the boat since Easter last year.

The next day we went for a beautiful swim at Conningham and then met up with Nick’s parents.  In the afternoon we caught up with James, Leesa, Meg and Emily and stayed at Missionary Bay.

Yesterday we had a lovely day at our favourite spot – Little Fancy Bay. Sublime!

The Gentlemen's

Dad, wait for us!

First Mate Little Captain Maisy at Conningham IMG_9728

Nude Audience Poppy, Meg & Emily Fire Smoke Sunset Pancakes Little Fancy Bay Tagus at Little Fancy Bay

Little Fancy Bay Stingray Shallow Waters Tagus & Iverus

2 comments on “Escape on Tagus

  1. Cath
    Tuesday, 8 January 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Tagus looks HOT!!

    • Larni Davies
      Wednesday, 9 January 2013 at 8:34 am #

      Thanks Cath – yes the ‘ol fella is looking very dapper! Can’t wait to have you on board. xx

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