Sneaky Peek : Why Do We Do It?

IMG_2482I wrote this poem when I was guiding for Tasmanian Expeditions.  I was sitting on the banks of the Picton River waiting for my guests to finish their rafting trip … when I had a little moment:

Why do we guide?

Do we do it to scrape our backs on the trailers?

Or do we do it to lug huge packs on our backs?

To float down a river or to

Climb a mountain

To ride the Rossarden Hill

Or to raft the Picton?

I guide for so many reasons.

So many smiles, so much camaraderie

The tent chats at night

The hug of support

The look of pride when one summits

The letters and photos of appreciation

The smell of garlic and ginger simmering in the bush

Flavours arousing senses of simplicity.

To walk amongst the giants

To scramble across the scree

To hike in a mesmerised state.

Hard taxing panoramas

Gentle, relaxing Overlands

There are so many reasons …

The Boags at ‘The Oak’

The true smile of grubby guides

Friends, special friends

Empowering, supporting and loving

The hug and tears of goodbyes

The relief of completion

Another successful trip

Another day of prep

Another meet and greet.

This lifestyle of mine …

Feeds my soul, enlivens my spirit

And makes me smile

                               Larni 1999

Bushwalk with Cath - Jan 2010 (9)

One comment on “Sneaky Peek : Why Do We Do It?

  1. Tim
    Friday, 14 December 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    A beautiful ode to the guiding life!

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