Social Butterflies

Happy Monday morning!  Poppy and I were little social butterflies over the weekend – flitting from one engagement to the next!  Nick was hard at work on Tagus all weekend, making the final adjustments before re-launching it back in the water yesterday afternoon.

On Friday night I went along to the Tourism Awards with my dear friends Anne and Pete.  It was fun dressing up, eating lovely food, catching up with lots of people and … having a good ‘ol boogie on the dance floor.  I was a little dusty on Saturday morning, but luckily Poppy had a little sleep in.

Saturday afternoon was our annual Peter Stuyvesant International Sporting Event.  Each year our old friends get together for a different team sport which has included:

  • 2007 – Tennis
  • 2008 – Croquet
  • 2009 – Table Tennis
  • 2010 – Beach Volleyball
  • 2011 – Badminton
  • 2012 – Frisbee Golf

Sammy and Rob won Badminton last year and have had the honour of looking after the perpetual trophy and organising Frisbee Golf for 2012!

I was partnered with Clare and we decided we needed a handicap because we had three children between us.  This definitely impacted on our sporting prowess.  We came in 3rd in the end with Sam T. and Rob winning the overall event for 2012!

After the ‘Awards Ceremony’ Poppy and I dashed back to Hobart to meet up with my sister-in-law, Sarah and her children – Nina and George for an early dinner at Fish Frenzy.  It was a perfect Hobart evening and Poppy loved playing with her big cousins.

On Sunday morning, Nick and I took Poppy and Maisy to the beach for an early morning walk.  Poppy and I then spent the day in the garden and Depha came around for a late lunch!

What a lovely weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather too? xx

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