Sneaky Peek : Home Sweet Home

I love Spring … and I love our garden at this time of year.  The warmer air and longer days entice you outside to enjoy the wisteria blossoms and the brand new leaves on the oak tree.  You can almost see the grass growing each day and as a result Nick has been giving the mower a good workout.

Our home is a classic Art Deco with very modernist lines and was built in the early 1940’s.  Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra are right at home here!

We have lived here for nearly 5 years, and it is a very special home for us. Nick’s Grandfather lived here for 54 years and his Mum grew up in the house, so there are many family memories.  I love this history and seeing old family photos of a younger garden and hearing the stories of days gone by.

I now enjoy seeing a new generation discover the garden … a garden that has been lovingly grown by hand by Poppy’s forebears.

So today I share with you a glimpse of our very special home and garden.

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