Mother’s Group

Last year I joined a Mother’s Group that was initially facilitated by the Child Health Association of Tasmania.  Our first session was on the 23rd of June and I remember being quite excited about meeting other new mums, and hoped there would be some like-minded women present.

I was lucky!  Our diverse group of 12-13 consisted of professional, sassy women and I felt like I was back at school again, meeting and making new friends.  We met every week for four weeks at the centre and then we launched out on our own.  Since then we have been meeting on a regular (weekly/fortnightly) basis.

In the good old days our babies were so little we could lay them on the floor and be able to sit around for hours chatting (and eating lots of cake)! Things have changed now and we tend to meet in parks to let our toddlers run free.

We have had several BBQ’s and Christmas drinks with our husbands/partners and celebrated the First Birthday’s in April.

I feel blessed to be part of a lovely group, and even though some of our Mum’s have moved interstate, or are back working full-time, we still meet fortnightly.

Tomorrow night we are going to T42 in Hobart to celebrate our one-year anniversary.  It has become a very important support network for me, as I don’t have immediate family living in Hobart. Many of my other good friends have older children, so it is nice to become friends with women who are going through the same stage as you are. When we are together, it feels as though the green light is shining brightly – it is ok to JUST talk about our bubbas!

If it wasn’t for Mother’s Group, I would not have come across such a lovely bunch of women.

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