Hand : Foot : Mouth

Poor little Poppet has come down with the dreadful sounding: Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease!

It has been making the rounds and I was hoping she was going to escape it but I received the ‘phone call’ from her child care yesterday. Nick was away for the day, and I was out in the field with my students, but after numerous phone calls and changes of plans, I finally found myself in a cab on my way to cuddle our little girl!

After Poppy and I walked home together (with her backpack, my backpack and umbrella) I couldn’t find my phone anywhere! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Had I left in the cab? I didn’t even notice what company I used. I even re-traced my steps in the car, to no avail. Nick kept ringing my phone and thankfully a lovely lady, Liz answered. She had found my phone on Sandy Bay Road and even dropped it off at home for me. Ah the good Samaritan!

Poor Poppy has definitely been ‘off’ the past couple of days. I took her to the park today to stretch her legs after we went to the Doctor. The winter light was lovely, but she wasn’t sparkling 😦

3 comments on “Hand : Foot : Mouth

  1. Tim
    Sunday, 10 June 2012 at 11:36 am #

    I hope little Poppet gets well soon. Lucky the good samaritan was out and about.


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