A Winter Weekend

Our first winter weekend included a night out on Friday night with Annabelle & Dan! We met at Sidecar for a sparkling wine (or two). We then ventured down the road for a spot of tapas at Ethos where our excellent waiter Dave, reminded us of Jemaine from the Flight of the Conchords!

I love having a babysitter and ‘escaping’ for the night and I realised it is very easy to forget there is a whole ‘night-owl’ world out there, when you are cosy within the four walls of your living room. Obviously we need to get out more!

Other winter activities included Penny’s Baby Shower; another walk on the beach; baking; a visit from James, Leesa and their girls and a trip to St David’s Park for Poppy to play in the leaves!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too?

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