The ‘Ol Squeaky Floor Board

There I was – it was 2.39 am in the morning and I was trying all the tricks in the book to help Poppy get back to sleep. Ordinarily she is a good sleeper, but she has certainly had her moments lately!

I changed her nappy and had even given her a quick feed (taboo I know) and neither had worked. No sooner had I fallen back into bed, when I heard the frustrating wail (def: a prolonged high-pitched cry of pain, grief, or anger). A wail that seems so much worse in the dead of the night – the quiet house rudely interrupted with cries emanating from Poppy’s room.

The last resort was ‘the pat’. When I am tired and frustrated, I find my patience wears very thin as I just want to go back to sleep! It takes so much energy to produce the rhythmic pats on Poppy’s back, for what seems like for ever. My internal chatter persuades me it would be best to continue until I count to 50! I look for all the signs of sleep – a different pattern in her breathing; a sigh or a little sleep jolt!

Just when you think you have nailed it…you creep away from the cot and turn to exit the room ,when you tread on the ‘OL SQUEAKY FLOOR BOARD (Doh!). I hold my breath in the hope I don’t have the return of ‘the wail’!

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