Sneaky Peek : Poppy’s Room

I LOVE little Poppyseed’s room and I thought I would share some of her beautiful things with you.

My favourite piece is her cot and I cherish going in to her after she has woken up and see her standing with her arms up, awaiting ‘collection’.

Her Midsummer Light shade is another beauty. It is very special as Nick and I bought this in New York at the MOMA Design Store when I was 3 months pregnant. It was too large to pop in our luggage, so we carried it by hand all the way home!

Little Wooden Horsey was given to Poppy when she was born by my sister Rob and her husband Paul. Naay!

Little Bunny Light emits a beautiful glow at night and was given to Poppy by George, Alison and Ruby. It is so beautiful.

The chair is a replica of the classic Eames Rocker. I love feeding Poppy in it, and it works a treat when she just needs a cuddle and a gentle rock.

The Blue Birdies were given to Poppy by the Calvert’s and she loves playing with them.

The Indian miniature wall hanging I bought in Rajasthan in India, many moons ago. Aren’t the colours just amazing?

There you have it – a sneaky peek into the world of Poppy’s room. x


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