Boating Adventures

I was another late starter to the world of boating, having spent most of my time in the mountains!  However, my husband has fast tracked my limited marine experience!

It is our favourite way to relax…leaving Hobart on a Friday afternoon and cruising down ‘The Channel’ (the D’Entrecasteaux Channel to Bruny Island).  We regularly anchor in places known as: Sykes; Alexander’s; The Duck Pond; The Gentleman’s; Missionary Bay; Tin Pot or Mickey’s.

Nick wakes early and takes Maisy ashore in the dinghy and then tries his hand at catching a few early morning ‘flatties’!  I love nothing more than staying in bed and reading a ‘page turner’.  It is one of life’s simple pleasures…being immersed in a captivating novel, hearing the lap of water against the hull and the distant sounds of an outboard.

It is valuable time spent together and also with Nick’s family – often rafting up and sharing a few afternoon G&T’s and a meal together.

Obviously, I don’t have the luxury of laying in and reading my book with Poppy, but it is so wonderful to share our boating days with her!

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