Rafting – The Franklin River

In 2006 I was very fortunate to do a Franklin River rafting trip with work.  This was the last trip for our Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation students for the year and there was a spare seat!  

I have had many bushwalking adventures in the Tasmanian wilderness over the years, but after experiencing this 9 day rafting trip I gained a new found love and appreciation for our wild areas.  

The below quote from commercial operator – World Expeditions, sums this trip up beautifully:

The Trip: There are few great frontiers left in the world – the Franklin is one of them. Free of pasture and any human habitation, it is a veritable feast for the intrepid explorer. Rafting down this superb river is the only way to truly appreciate its wild beauty. It is acknowledged as one of the most spectacular and challenging river trips around, attracting adventurers from all over the world. The opportunity of an expedition-style trip, rather than merely “thrills and spills” makes this the ultimate wilderness experience. At times on the trip, like all great expeditions, there will be times when patience is required. However, you will be one of the privileged few to have experienced this relatively untouched wilderness area – one of Australia’s most scenic and prized destinations.

Here is a poem I wrote, whilst on the river:

The Journey

An impending adventure

Surrounded by mystique and intrigue

A true wildness

A fight to save

A beauty beyond words

Forest like no other

Fluid, churning, meandering.

Rapids with descriptive names such as The Corkscrew, The Churn and Thunderush

Conjuring up anticipation and in some cases – fear.

Relaxing, drifting rafts

Bright red, contrasting with forest green

Camaraderie and team work

Loading, unloading

Lining and portaging.

Sleeping under snowy tarps,

Stars and a silver moon.

This journey down the mighty Franklin

Evoking emotions, challenges and wonder.

Rationed tea bags

Sandy bivvy pads

Cameras clicking 

Smiles widening.

This journey of ours … down the mighty Franklin!

Larni 2006


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