Back to Reality :(

I don’t have a smiley, happy photo to share with you today as this week has seen some massive changes in our house-hold.  I have started back at work for three days a week!

The reality of this change struck when I dropped Poppy off at child care on Monday morning, and realised it wasn’t just another ‘settling visit’.  As I left her, I felt my bottom lip quiver and tears stinging my eyes as I grasped for my phone to call Nick.

Work has always been my ‘baby’, but I feel my priorities have now changed.  I am a very different person since I left – pregnant – last March.

Being back at work felt foreign, yet strangely familiar at the same time.  On one hand I slipped back into my role, remembering my login password, which directory ‘such-and-such’ document is saved and interacting with a range of different people.  On the other hand I was craving to be with Poppy, which felt like such a ‘primal’ urge.

On Monday morning I sat down with Poppy and Maisy and held a little ‘house-meeting’! I asked them to be brave and told them how much I have loved spending every day with them, but then I started to cry!  I am so dramatic!

I know it will get easier.  X

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