By the Book

Can we rely on too much information from books?  I have been contemplating this question for the past couple of days, since my last post.  I have read a lot about ‘parenting’ from books so far, but I wonder if I have information overload?  Maybe I should just listen more to my heart and instincts?

I have valued the information I have gained from the resources I have used, and take the advice/concepts that work for us, and leave the rest.  I must admit, I have followed Gina Ford’s contentious book – The Contented Little Baby Book in regards to sleep and feeding routines, which have worked beautifully with Poppy (so far).  I have just recently read The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning too, which I have found useful as I introduce Poppy to the world of solid food.  Other books that I am currently reading include: Raising Girls by Gisela Preuschoff and Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

However, the best advice I receive is without a doubt from my ‘mum’ friends/sisters/mum- Prue, Lil, Alison, Anne, Anja, Annabelle, Melissa, Jen, Jo, Cath, Janelle and Mum.

I am sure there will be a time (I think soon) that I will be reaching for a juicy novel and a glass of wine and ‘go with the flow’ a little more!  Poppy seems to be doing just fine!!

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