Blue : White Stipes ♥

My poor blog, it is definitely taking a back seat at the moment as life just seems to be really, really busy, with working a three-day week and a two and a four year old in tow!

So today, I wish to share with you my love of the classic blue and white striped top.  It is rather embarrassing but on any given day I am usually wearing some form of stripe, and sometimes we all step out of the house with matching tops (totally unconsciously however)!

I have always loved the classic Bassike organic jersey tops but after some hard wearing I do find they stretch/shrink or get tiny holes in the fabric.  I have literally loved this top to death though, but Bassike do get the stripe just right (not too thick, not too thin).


I recently bought a cheap and cheerful number from Sportsgirl.  Nothing quite like a stripe and a French slogan to boot:  La Vie est Belle – Life is Beautiful


Also on my radar is the classic French Saint James Minquiers 10 from Olive & Clover:

Saint James

Saint James is the maker of the authentic nautical Breton shirt in combed cotton jersey that has been part of the official French naval uniform since 1871. According to an old lore from Brittany, the 21 stripes each correspond to a naval victory of Napoleon’s French fleet against the British.

Saint Jamesxx

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