Bunny Bombs ♥


Today I am loving these Bunny Bombs and Biggie Bombs by Charlie Horse of Course.

Charlie Horse represents the creative outlet of designer Charlie Perry. Each unique bag is lovingly created entirely by hand, from the selection of leather, to the stitching and hammering of hardware.
Designed in New Zealand, Charlie Horse offers a small collection of clutches and bag accessories all featuring top-quality materials and workmanship. Every piece is slightly different from the next but maintains a consistency in high quality and design.
Our fur is all ethically sourced and are bi-products of the economic food industry.

The perfect accompaniment to any bag, set of keys or clothing.  Now … which colour?  Mmmm … I love the hot pink.  X







One comment on “Bunny Bombs ♥

  1. heidij101
    Thursday, 18 June 2015 at 12:32 pm #

    I also want one – the purple one and Kate would go nicely together xo

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