Sister ♥

Larni, Rob & Cath

My sisters - Rob & Cath

I feel blessed to have three gorgeous sisters (and one brother) and it is indeed a special relationship that only comes from growing up together and knowing all those idiosyncrasies about each other.

These idiosyncrasies are often used as a jibe now in our adult lives, such as Robyn throwing a bread knife that stuck in the door; Cath building cubby houses all over the farm; me crashing Dad’s truck into a power pole when I was 13 and Janelle nursing numerous calves and lambs.

My eldest sister Rob lives in Castlemaine, Victoria.  She is the epitome of a fit and healthy 35-year-old but she is about to turn 49 in July!  She practices yoga on a daily basis, grows her own vegetables, rides her road bike with her husband, is a talented artist and works in their own business as an Interior Designer for Lifehouse Design.  I love when we hang out.

Aunty Rob & Poppy

My youngest sister Janelle lives on a gorgeous farm at Bracknell in Tasmania.  She has three beautiful girls – Molly, Lucy and Jessie and owns a contracting harvesting business with her husband.  She can often be found driving large combine harvesters, tractors or wind rowers with one or all of her girls on board.  A very practical lass indeed and one whom I don’t see enough of.

My sister Janelle, and nieces - Nina, Molly & Jessica

My other older sister Cath has two grown up girls and moved to Hobart from Deloraine, two years ago.  We have had an amazing time in Hobart together which has included lots of time on the water, enjoying live music, dancing, eating out and seeing lots of movies.

Cath is about to embark on a six month overseas adventure that she has been planning for the past ten years.  She plans to immerse herself in the cultures of Spain, France and Italy where she hopes to go to numerous music festivals, yoga retreats and farm stays.

Bronte & Cath at GASP!

I felt really sad saying goodbye to her last night, yet so happy for her.  When her girls were young and she was in the ‘full-on Mum’ mode, I was overseas, travelling to my heart’s content in Canada, Alaska, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Nepal.  We are at the opposite ends of the spectrum – she had her girls in her twenties and is now free and easy.  I am now in my forties and I am in the ‘full-on Mum’ mode.

The tables have turned and it will be so fabulous hearing of her travel stories!  We will miss you Cath!  Carpe diem (sieze the day!).  Xxx


Cath with Pops & James


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  1. rubyhass
    Thursday, 6 August 2015 at 7:00 pm #

    I love you all, beautiful women xxxxx

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