Pocket ♥

Pocket Organizer

I am currently loving these Pocket Organisers by Normann Copenhagen:

Normann Copenhagen


This versatile and decorative wall-mounted storage solution is suitable for any part of your home where extra storage space is needed. Pocket is available in four different sizes and is useful for countless purposes ranging from a magazine holder to the storage of pencils, make-up, kitchen utensils, plants and lots more.
A choice of six different colors provides ample opportunity for combining the Pocket Organizers to fit exactly with your taste and decor. Hang a row of white Pockets on a white wall in the hallway for a light, calming and Scandinavian feel, use dark green and black as a sophisticated contrast to a light wall in the bedroom or living room or create your own creative and colorful patterns by mixing colors and sizes.
Pocket is mounted on the wall with a sliding bracket, making it easy to lift off and clean.
You can source them in Australia through Top3 by Design.  So divine … yet so practical.


Pocket Organiser
Pocket Organizer
Pocket Organizer
Pocket Organiser
Pocket Organiser
Pocket Organiser
Pocket Organiser

One comment on “Pocket ♥

  1. heidij101
    Wednesday, 18 March 2015 at 10:00 am #

    How do you find all this? Very nice.

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