Miele ♥



Ah – my life has changed forever!  Last month we bought a Miele Dishwasher and I cannot believe that I went for so long without one!  Ah ignorance is bliss I guess, but I definitely had dish pan hands!

We now have the dishwasher and the washing machine in our pantry for all my washing needs!  Ha ha … how the simple things in life really do bring a lot of pleasure.

James loves the dishwasher so much, he keeps climbing on in!  I am sure he is just trying to help, which is a good thing because he is a messy little tyke!!


Messy Tyke




Washing Wonders

Finally, I was given the best Pancake recipe from my friend Jo:

Banana Pancakes

2 Eggs

1 Mashed Banana

Mix up and cook – serve with fruit, yoghurt, maple syrup or Pomegranate Molasses.   YUM!

Banana and Egg Pancakes

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