Mother and Child ♥

Mother and Child - Gustav Klimt

I have always loved Gustav Klimt’s painting Mother and Child which is part of a larger painting called the Three Ages of Woman:

Three Ages of Woman

The mother with the child in the middle of the group represents beauty and the way she lovingly cradles the baby is a representation of the unconditional love of a mother.  See how she rests her head on the head of the child.  She is the personification of contentment and this look of contentment is mirrored in the face of the baby as she peacefully sleeps in the knowledge that the arms that hold him and the sound of his mother’s heartbeat offer him safety and affection.

I love how the above review has beautifully used the description: ‘personification of contentment’ because when I am cuddling our little snugglies in bed, that is exactly how I feel.  Xx

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