Mountain ♥

IMG_5721I have been craving an extended trip into the mountains … but it will have to wait until my little peeps are a little older.  So instead, I loaded everyone up in the car this morning and we went on an adventure to Mt. Wellington.

I pointed out the native plants to Poppy along the way, we picked up sticks, sang ‘walking in the bush‘ song from Playschool, had a few wees and had rocks in our shoes but we finally made it to Sphinx Rock where we enjoyed the view and the fabulous sunshine.

Not quite an epic five-day bushwalk but certainly satisfied a smidgen of my mountain cravings!  Xx

Pink Mountain Berry

My little peeps


Sphinx Rock

Sphinx Rock


Pops in the bush

Tree detail

One comment on “Mountain ♥

  1. heidij101
    Thursday, 23 January 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    Poppy is such a cutie in her little pink shorts x

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