Strong Political Women ♥

Today I am loving strong political women in light of last night’s political events in Australia.


I know the above photo did the rounds on Facebook last year but I still love it! It shows Licia Ronzulli, a Member of the European Parliament from Italy with her six-week old daughter Victoria, voting at Strasbourg.

Her baby snuggled very contentedly against her chest, swaddled in a simple sling. According to The Daily Mail,  Ms. Ronzulli occasionally looked down from the proceedings to give her daughter a little kiss on the forehead.



When Poppy was a baby I was a Committee Member for Women in Tourism Tasmania and I remember taking her to meetings in the Baby Bjorn.  I must admit, I did find it quite difficult to concentrate on agenda items and certainly wasn’t  like ‘cool-cat’ Licia here!

In closing – like her or loathe her you can’t help admire Julia Gillard for her tenacity to rise to the top in a male dominated political sphere.  Oh dear – here we go again with Kevin ’07!

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