Cashmere ♥

Today I am loving my new Oyuna Cashmere scarf I recently bought in Melbourne.  It is the perfect blend of soft cashmere ‘in classic taupe which has a subtle yet vibrant detailing with a rich spice red border down each long edge’.

I read the tag after my purchase, and although a little over the top I quite like the following description (as would my friend Tim):

At one with the land, wind and sun, cashmere goats graze under the soaring sky of the sweeping Mongolian steppe. These goats are the precious source of Oyuna’s cashmere. When they moult – just once a year in the spring – the soft underfleece is gathered and spun immediately.  This captures all the fibre’s spirit creating supremely soft, light cashmere that radiates with energy and warmth.

Cashmere cares for you.

Melissa and I have nick-named the scarf the “Mongolian Princess“!

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