Mini-Break ♥

Today I am loving that I fly to Melbourne with my friend Melissa, for three whole days!

Our toddlers are left in the safe hands of their Dads and I am beyond excitement with the thought of eating sumptuous food, wandering through urban alleyways, ogling beautiful fashion, musing at a Monet, staying in a hotel and having some ‘time-out’ with a dear friend.

Melissa and I have collaborated on an itinerary and have come up with our favourite jaunts, which include the following:


Tonight I am also looking forward to our reservation at MoVida and indulging in some tasty Tapas.  Mmmm … excited!



One comment on “Mini-Break ♥

  1. Tim
    Thursday, 23 May 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    Have a great time in Melbourne. The Monet exhibition at the NGV should be fantastic, I have been thinking about it quite a lot since hearing about it.

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