Layby ♥

Today I am loving these winter outfits.  Each morning I really struggle with what to wear, as my pregnant tummy of 27 weeks keeps on growing (in fact I read yesterday that our little bubba has doubled in size in the last month – no wonder I am so tired)!

As you read here in January, I cancelled my personal credit card and since then have rediscovered the old-fashioned lay-by!  It is brilliant – I have a few things on lay-by at the moment and it feels so liberating paying things off slowly before you enjoy them, like this Cable Melbourne Cashmere Cardigan above and these Acne boots:

Acne Pistol Boots

I was also recommended these Topshop Maternity Jeans recently and I have been living in them constantly:

Top Shop Maternity Jeans

On my wish-list to complete this outfit is this Country Road Shirt – and then I will be set! x

Country Road Shirt

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