Maria Island ♥


We have just returned from a fabulous boating holiday to Maria Island off Tasmania’s east coast.  It was the first time we have gone to Maria on Tagus and apart from Nick’s painful toothache over the weekend – we had a successful trip.

We left bright and early on Thursday morning, across Frederick Henry Bay through the Denison Canal and the Marion Narrows and arrived in Riedle Bay on Maria Island by the afternoon.  We met up with James, Leesa, Meg and Emily on their yacht Iverus.  All the girls loved running along the isolated beach to stretch their ‘sea legs’ after the long journey.

Hobart - Maria Island

Nick and I caught quite a few flathead on Good Friday for our lunch in Whalers Cove.  There is nothing better knowing that the fish you are eating was only swimming an hour ago!  Fresh is best.

Depha, Chris and Freya arrived later on Friday afternoon and we all enjoyed a great catch up that night.  My friend from Mother’s Group – Alicia, and her husband Richard and daughter Lexie also arrived on their yacht Clancy on Saturday afternoon.  Poppy and Lexie loved playing on the beach together.

The next couple of days were very relaxing with long walks along the beautiful beach; playing in the sand with Poppy; afternoon sleeps; catching fish, abalone and crayfish and of course savouring their flavours.  Poppy slept beautifully despite the strong winds that blew through, particularly on Saturday night.  Easter Bunny even found us on Sunday morning, where Poppy experienced her first chocolate!

On Sunday night we held our second Easter Progressive Dinner Party, with Zucchini & Feta Fritters served on Iverus, followed by a beautiful Fish Curry made by Chris on Breakwater Bay and I made the classic Golden Syrup Dumplings to finish off the meal.  However our second progressive dinner wasn’t all smooth sailing – Leesa and James were wrangling with their fritter mixture and consoling a very upset Emily; we had a bird crash on board Chris & Depha’s boat during the meal and took some nursing before flying off again; the sink became blocked and fish were flapping on the deck!  Luckily we didn’t don the black tie outfits this year!

We returned back through the Canal on Monday and stayed another night in Norfolk Bay, with the obligatory campfire on the beach where the girls loved toasting their marshmallows!  Lovely xx.

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