Bed ♥


With our second bubba due in early August, I have been experiencing a rage of ‘nesty’ hormones, much to Nick’s concern.  All I think and dream about is the new configuration of our bedrooms (Poppy will move into our room, we will move into the big spare bedroom that has never been renovated and little bubba will have Poppy’s room).  I will have to do some reading to see when the best time is to swap rooms, as we don’t want Poppy thinking she has been ‘evicted’ from her little nest!

The first step toward this change was purchasing this gorgeous Ouef Classic Toddler Bed from my friend Anja:

The Classic Toddler Bed represents a milestone in your child’s development; from baby to toddler. As a scaled-down bed with a low mattress position, your child’s sense of new-found independence is reinforced by their ability to climb in and out on their own.

My ‘nesting’ doesn’t end there.  This gorgeous doona cover would complement her new ensemble beautifully!  Oh how I love manchester.  xx


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