Music ♥

I love music and listen to a range of genres (well apart from Country and Def Metal).  I have an eclectic mix of CD’s which Poppy loves taking off the shelf to stand on – EEK!  I now download music through iTunes.

I have been fortunate to experience some fantastic festivals and live music over the years.  I love that feeling of being at a music festival with your ‘crew’ on a warm summer’s evening, amongst the throng of revellers and that deep base resonating through to your very core.

The Falls Festival in Tasmania is always a winner and we have had some fantastic times there in the past:

I also went to WOMAD in Adelaide with Penny in 2008 – such a mix of amazing music from around the world for three days!

Perhaps it is a sign of getting older, but in recent years my music taste has shifted towards the classical end of the spectrum.  I listen to ABC Classic FM at home during the day as I love the calming effect of the background music.

I have recently come across some very moving pieces.  Here is one to sit down to with a cup of tea, close your eyes and enjoy Misha Maisky play Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G.  What a fabulous piece!

Finally, my music repertoire continues to evolve.  This is what we are listening to in the car at the moment:

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