Popsy Daisy

Popsy Daisy

Poppy has been coming out with some absolute pearlers at the moment:

Mummy, my boobies will grow up and get bigger?

My tummy will get bigger and I’ll pop out a baby?

She then took me totally by surprise and asked:

Mummy, how do babies get in your tummy?

I wasn’t quite ready for that one and mustered up this very lame explanation (well it was 6:30 in the morning):

Well, Mummy and Daddy love each other and they kiss and then a baby grows inside.

Later that day when I was tucking her in to bed she said:

Mummy, I would really like a little sister.  Can you go and kiss Daddy and get a baby inside!

Mmmm … I think we will have to come up with a better answer for when those questions are fired again.

Popsy Daisy

Popsy Daisy

As for our little James, he is off and walking everywhere.  He loves exploring the garden (and those daisies) when he is not devouring avocados.






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A Boating BBQ in 36 seconds

Our barbecue at ‘The Quarries’ on Bruny Island last Saturday … in 36 seconds.  x

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Boating with Little Pirates

Bruny IslandJames had made a vast improvement with his Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and as a result we were able to get away on the boat to meet up with Nick and Poppy for Friday and Saturday night.  Nick’s mate Marcus was heading to South Bruny with his family on their super fast boat, so James and I hitched a ride.

Nick and I have had many amazing experiences on our boat over the past six years and after welcoming two little pirates to our crew, have had to make a few adaptions.  Poppy’s first experience on the boat was at 8 days old!  Fortunately, we are incredibly blessed with the quality of cruising waters right on our door-step in Hobart with the D’Entrecasteaux Channel providing an array of sheltered coves, remote beaches and safe anchorages.

In recent years we have met new ‘boating’ friends who also have young families which has really made a difference to our experiences on the water.  There is the obligatory SMS banter between ‘Captains’ prior to any trip about the weather and proposed destinations.  We gather, we giggle, we catch fish, we watch our children play in the shallows and we drink G&T’s. I feel so blessed that Poppy and James will grow up on these waters, with their little boating friends, learning, watching and making new memories.

Barnes Bay

Boating with children can however present challenges at times but Nick and I have slowly worked out what works best for entertaining our little (and big) pirates on board.  These are some of the handy hints we have trialled with numerous successes:

  • Get those little whipper snappers off the boat and onto the beach as soon as possible if the weather permits – cabin fever can soon set in and tensions can rise if you are all crammed onto the boat for too long.
  • Arm yourself with colouring and activity books, pencils, paper and other crafty items.  James spent hours playing with Poppy’s pencil-case on Saturday – tipping all the pencils out and putting them back in one-by-one, which is fantastic for little pirates’ fine motor skills.
  • Allow imaginative play.  Poppy loves playing with the boat fenders (see image below) and nicknamed them Charlie and Sousie.  She tied them up, patted them, took them for a walk and gave them a swing.  She was so engrossed in this activity it enabled me to savour most of the latest Instyle magazine – uninterrupted!  Bonus.
  • When we move from one location to another, we try to plan our journey to coincide with James’ sleep schedule.  There is nothing more soothing than the rhythmic sounds of a boat engine complemented with a gently rolling sea. This works a treat for big and little pirates!
  • Plan simple meals!  Our go-to meals include:  Chilli Con Carne, Sausages, Curry with Rice and hopefully freshly caught fish, abalone or crayfish.
  • Popcorn is the best!  I buy the classic old-fashioned version and cook up in a dash of oil.  My little pirates love hearing the popping sounds against the saucepan lid.  A quick snack to make and one that is super healthy.
  • Pancakes, although great in theory and super yummy, aren’t the best breakfast as everyone gets edgy waiting for their circle of happiness and look on with envy as their fellow crew-mate is devouring their creation.
  • I bring along my MacPac Possum Baby Carrier which doubles as a high chair for James and a backpack when we go for a wander along a beautiful remote Tasmanian beach.
  • A bundle of fashion and design magazines are a must for Mrs Pirate.
  • If all else fails – bring out the trusty iPad where you have loaded numerous episodes of Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly plus a TInkerbell, Toy Story or Finding Nemo movie.

We have found by following a few of these simple guidelines our little pirates are smiles all round (generally)! Xx

Big smile


Boating with children

James in his Macpac Possum

Pirate Poppy and James

Sneaky Pirate James

Little pirates

Mac David

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Boo Hoo

It’s Hobart Show Holiday today and we were looking forward to a family holiday away on the boat with all of our friends for four days … but our little man has come down with the dreaded Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and is highly contagious.  I have stayed at home holding the fort (and a miserable, spotty toddler) whilst the others are sailing off into the sunset!  Boo Hoo!

I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) but at least I have a good mag to keep me distracted.

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Sneaky Peek : Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

Nick and I have finally succumbed to the constant requests from Poppy and her desire for ballet lessons.  Waking in the middle of the night to tell me to ring the ‘ballet lady’ was the last straw!

Nick took Little Miss Twinkle Toes to her first class last week and she came home brimming with excitement whilst donning pink ears and a sticker.  She is even performing in a recital on the 19th November.  Oh my – keep eating those weet-bix Angelina – you will need your energy.  X

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina poster -3

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Off and …. Walking


James is on the move!  He has taken many tumbles and has numerous bruises to tell the tale, but he is now off and walking!  I love how he has such a look of determination and concentration on his face – shoulders up and tottering like he has had too many ales.  He he!







IMG_1860On Saturday I drove to Launceston to celebrate my dear friend Megs’ 40th Birthday Party, at Mud Bar.  Nick stayed at home with Poppy and James and I enjoyed a seamless trip in the car for two hours.  I cranked up the music and let my thoughts wander with no interruptions.

I had such a fun night catching up with old friends Pete, Simon and Liv and chuckled as Megs enjoyed her birthday celebrations with her friends … and her cocktails!  Gorgeous.  Xx

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

photo 3

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The Mountain Guide

The Mountain GuideMy sister sent me a photo of this article from The Guardian recently and as a previous outdoor guide I could really relate – despite the confident, bubbly exterior that you portray there are many moments of ‘self-doubt’ churning away inside:

What I’m really thinking – The Mountain Guide: 

I am the trusted outdoor professional with the well-worn jacket and the skills to keep you safe in the mountains. I certainly do look and sound the part: fit, weather-beaten, with a reassuring voice.

Inside I am churning with worries, about my own adequacy, about yours, and about the unforeseeable events of our imminent trip together. Most likely, nothing at all will go wrong. But there is a risk that something will go badly wrong, and then it could get scary for all of us, very quickly.

I have to be good at first aid, even though I can’t practise it for real and therefore end up forgetting half of it. Will I rise to the occasion when someone is badly hurt? I don’t know.

I have to be able to navigate in all conditions with a very high degree of accuracy. You did not see me during my training when I got slightly lost on a Scottish mountain in thick fog.

I have to exercise gentle leadership whatever happens. I can do this when things are fine, but can I do it when the chips are down? I may look indomitable, but I can get cold, hungry, miserable and scared, too.

It flatters and worries me that you are so dependent on me and that you have no idea how dangerous the mountains can be. The yellow helicopter clatters overhead, and I hope it is just on a training flight.

During the working week I am an accountant, in a safe, dry, warm office. But when I look out of the office window, despite all my worries, I yearn to greet another group of eager clients, ready for their day in the mountains.

I remember guiding a group along The Overland Track with Cradle Mountain Huts years ago and on the first day we hit a blizzard.  Our guests were struggling with the adverse conditions and having to walk through knee-deep snow.  Everyone was miserable.  Due to the slow pace we were making, we were also running out of light to make the distance to the hut.  All I could think about was immersing myself into a nice, hot BATH with a bottle of red!  Shame on me! 🛀

I was soon lurched back to reality as the sleet kept hitting my face.  I really felt for my guests in front of me whose idea of a hiking holiday in Tasmania, probably didn’t include this reality.

We finally made it to the hut – cold, wet and tired.  We cooked up a storm, opened a couple of bottles of red and reveled in the return of the group morale.  It is always worth it in the end – regardless of any sneaky thoughts of hot baths or tropical islands!  Especially when it was a blue bird day the following day and we were spoilt with views like these!  Xx

Overland Track

What really thinking: mountain guide

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Bassike ♥

Bassike LogoI have been a late convert to the brand bassike but I am now sold.  I recently purchased these stripey numbers in Melbourne and they have been on high rotation ever since.  I love their soft organic jersey and how lovely it feels on your skin.

The bassike philosophy is all about creating wardrobe staples with longevity; combining timeless style with premium quality and sustainable fabrics.

The beauty of bassike is its appeal to men and women whose easy-going style still requires an element of subtle luxury. bassike’s very specific aesthetic is influenced by the contrasts of loose Australian beach style and the integrity and simplicity of Japanese design.



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Dinner in 26 Seconds

Nick captured the craziness of all the cousins eating dinner on his Go-Pro during our recent trip to Marysville. Xx

I wish dinner did only take 26 seconds!


Sneaky Peek : Sleep Chic, Wake Sweet

Masini & ChernMy new Masini & Chern birthday pyjamas have arrived and the ‘Baby Blues’ are so delightful.  I know I am making a big deal about their arrival but really, you should have seen what I was wearing to bed!  I won’t exactly be looking like Lindy Klim now, but I will be feeling chic!

Lindy KlimI love their tag line:

Sleep chic, wake sweet

….and that is exactly what I plan to do!  Thank you Masini & Chern – such great service.

Masini & Chern

Masini & Chern

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